A Nepalese Snack Shop in Yau Ma Tei You’ve Got to Try

Kowloon, Nepalese, Yau Ma Tei

Street Fast Food is a pretty generic name for a restaurant. You wouldn’t really expect it to serve Nepalese food unless you walked by and saw the pictures of momo and pani puri all over the walls or breathed the air within a 20 meter radius. In a city where anything Indian or Nepalese usually comes at a premium, it’s always nice to find a place that doesn’t destroy your wallet. As it turns out, there’s a few of those near the Jordan MRT station in Yau Ma Tei and Street Fast Food is probably the best option if you’re looking for some great hangover food or a snack.

A lot of people claim that momo is the best dish you can get at a Nepalese restaurant. Sure, there’s something pretty magical about a plate of dumplings filled with perfectly spiced meat and drizzled with hot sauce. Still, that doesn’t mean that dahi puri isn’t the best Indian and Nepalese snack ever. Consisting of a crunchy puri shell filled with chickpeas and onions, dahi puri is a lot like pani puri. Instead of pouring the dipping sauce in the shell though, you’ll find it’s already covered with tangy yogurt and tamarind chutney. This tastes great but makes it a bit hard to eat and you’ll want to get the whole thing in one go unless you’re in the mood to blast yogurt all over your shirt. Street Fast Food will give you seven of these for 30 HKD; a pretty good deal considering that¬†Manakamana around the corner will charge you about 15 dollars more for the same thing.

So far, I’ve tried the chicken momo, dahi puri, pani puri and gulab jamun. They’re all delicious except for the gulab jamun, which was a total miss and just kind of doughy.

English Menu: Yup

Average Price Per Person: $30-$45

Recommendations:¬†Everything except for the gulab jamun. Whatever you do, don’t get that.

Here’s where to find it: