The Best Roast Goose in Wanchai

BBQ, Wanchai

Roast goose from Mong Kee Chinese BBQ in Wanchai

If you’re in Wanchai and thinking about waiting in line for Kam’s Roast Goose, I highly recommend checking out Wong Kei Chinese Barbecue instead. It’s right across from exit A3 on 14 Spring Garden Lane right next to an amazing dimsum restaurant. For 56 HKD you can get some of the most succulent and crispy roast goose available in Hong Kong Island with a perfect amount of sauce drizzled over your rice. Add $7 and you’ve got some amazing iced milk tea to go with it.

Like any good Cantonese Barbecue, Mong Kee also serves Char Siu, Siu Yuk, Roast Duck and other traditional favorites, which you can order over rice for 38 dollars. The great thing about Wong Kei though, is that you’re not paying 150 HKD to wait in line for half an hour. While the restaurant is often full at peak hours, I have never had to wait for a table and service is quite fast and attentive.

Average Meal Price: < 60 HKD including a drink

Recommendations: Definitely try the roast goose, roast pork or four treasure with rice. You can’t get better for that price in the area.

Wong Kei Chinese BBQ Menu

Their menu minus the takeout page for entire geese and suckling pigs