Great Dimsum in Wanchai You Might Have Missed

Dim Sum, Wanchai
Kam Fai Dim Sum in Wanchai

Kam Fai Dim Sum in Wanchai

People like to say that the best dim sum in Hong Kong comes from those little hole-in-the-wall places. Usually, if it looks like the menu hasn’t been printed in the last thirty years and there’s a decent crowd inside you can assume that they’re serving some pretty good stuff. Kam Fai Dim Sum in Wanchai happens to be one of those places. Located next to my favorite BBQ joint, Kam Fai is a no frills classic dim sum experience where you can wash your utensils with tea and watch reruns of HK soap operas.

With most dishes priced at under $25, it’s possible to order quite a bit without even breaking 100.  In fact you’d be hard pressed to exceed 50 HKD per person unless you order a huge amount. The BBQ Pork Buns are just as fluffy and juicy as the one’s you’d get from One Dimsum or Dimsum Corner but they aren’t marked up for tourists here.  The Rice Rolls, Har Gao, and chicken sticky rice are equally delicious, but you may have to wait a few minutes for the cook to steam them in the oven outside.

English Menu: There isn’t one outside but they’ve got a few if you ask

Average Price Per Person: Under 50

Recommendations: BBQ Pork Buns (basic, I know), Teochew Shrimp Dumplings, Chicken Sticky Rice w/ Lotus Leaf